Monitor which customers have been successfully referring their friends and the sales being generated by referrals all from within the Marsello app.

How to review your referral program insights

1. In your Marsello app navigation, go to Loyalty > Earning Options

2. On the Earning Points page, under Referring friends, click See Activity

This will open the Referral Program insight page.
Here you can see:

  • Customers who have shared their referral link
  • Customers who have joined your store via a referral
  • The specific discount code that was generated for the referred customer
  • The value of the referred customers first order (if they have made an order)
  • Confirmation of loyalty points that have been rewarded for a successful referral ✨

💡Quick Tip: Check the Order Total field to monitor those referred customers who haven't yet made their first order.
You can use this info to send referred customers offers or incentives to encourage them to make their first purchase.

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