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  • What is the Recommend Products block?
  • How are the products populated?

What is the Recommend Products block?

The Recommend Products block is an email block that you can drag into any email. This will show personalized recommended products for every customer based on their previous purchases and customers like them.

📝 Note: Your store must have 40 customers with at least one order each for product recommendations to populate.
When there are not enough orders for the algorithm, customers will be shown your
most purchased products.

How are the products populated?

Product recommendations are based on a clever algorithm that splits product titles into tags. It uses the customer’s purchase history and then recommends products with similar tags / attributes that the customer is most likely to purchase next.

It recommends products that the customer hasn’t ordered previously. The algorithm will continue to learn and get smarter as more purchases are made.

📝 Note: Products will be automatically populated and will depend on the type of email being sent - for example, an 'Abandoned Cart' email flow will automatically populate with the products that were left in the customers cart.

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