Sell more to first-time customers by sending them a thank you coupon to use on their next purchase.
Optimize your flow for performance by editing the content of emails,  and adjusting delays.

In this article:

  • The default Thank First-Time Customers email flow
  • Adding emails and delays to your flow
  • Modify trigger, delay and email blocks 

The default Thank First-Time Customers email flow

To access the Thank First-Time Customers email flow:

  1. In the app admin, go to Email Flows 

2. Click on Thank First-Time Customers

The default flow for Thank First-Time Customers:

  • The flow is triggered by a customer completing their first purchase
  • An email is sent thanking the new customer for their first purchase and offering a 10% off coupon for their next purchase
  • The email flow will then finish and the customer will not receive any more emails

Adding emails and delays to your flow

Encourage customers to use their thank you coupon by adding delays and emails to the flow and increase the chance of another sale.

 1. On the Email Flows page, click Edit next to Thank First-Time Customers

💡Tip: If you are already on the Thank First-Time Customers preview page, click Actions > Edit Flow

2. Click the ⨁ icon to insert an email or delay into your flow

3. Select Email or Delay to add it to your flow

Make sure that you put a delay between emails in the flow or Marsello will send your customer multiple emails at once.

Modify trigger, delay and email blocks

Here you can adjust the blocks and ordering of your email flow.
Monitor flow performance, and continue to make improvements to get the best results!

In addition to adding new emails and delays, you can:

  • Edit trigger settings
  • Adjust, clone or delete delays
  • Edit, clone or delete email templates

The Trigger dictates when the email flow is initiated

1. Click the settings icon to update the trigger settings

2. Set the order count that the first email will be triggered by

Click save to confirm changes 

📝Note: In order for this email flow to send to first-time customers, it should trigger when order count equals 1.

Email templates create the content and messaging of the actual emails that are sent to your customer

1. Click the pencil icon to edit the email template
> Find out more about editing your email templates here

2. Click the copy icon to clone the email template

3. Click the trash icon to delete the email template

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