🔓 Automations and Campaigns are unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan. 

Customize your automated emails and keep them in-line with your brand using Marsello's easy-to-use email editor. 

In this article:

  • Access the email customization tools
  • Update the email subject line
  • Using content blocks in the email editor
  • Email and content display settings

Access the email customization tools

1. In your app admin, go to Email Flows

2. Click Edit on the email flow that you would like to customize

3. Click the pencil icon to edit an email template

Update the email subject line

1. Click inside the Email Subject text box to write your own subject line

2. Click Save & close to finalize changes

Using content blocks in the email editor

Marsello's email template editor has a simple drag-and-drop approach to designing your emails.
Customization options are endless as you add and arrange email content however you like.

Edit existing content by hovering your mouse over the template, and clicking on the block you'd like to edit

Once you have selected a content block, additional editing options will be available to you, including:

  • Text formating options
  • Drag-and-drop to reposition the content block 
  • Delete the block
  • Duplicate the block

Add new content blocks by dragging them from the content tab

Choose from a wide variety of content types, including:

  • Text box
  • Images
  • Custom HTML 
  • Call to action buttons

Add a layout to the email template

The email editor includes a variety of layouts that can be used to further customize the email appearance.
Layouts are containers for content blocks, that will allow you to arrange them side-by-side. 

Example of a 2-column layout placing an image and text

1. Click on the layouts tab

2. Choose a new layout from the available options

💡Tip: Consider the type of content you plan to add - a gallery of images will work best with 2 - 4 equal width columns, whereas a text caption may work best with 1 full width column.

3. Add a new layout by dragging it from the layouts tab

4. You can then add your desired content blocks to the spaces within the layout - as described above

5. Click Save & close to finalize changes

Email and content display settings

Adjust the general display settings of your email template.

1. Click on the display settings tab

2. Click on the Background Color box to enter your store's hex code or select a color

3. Adjust the width that your content will display in the email

4. Choose the default font of your email text

📝 Note: The options available in the display settings tab will vary depending on the content you have highlighted in your email template.
Click on different content blocks to see the display options available.

Personalize text content

Click the Personalize drop-down to add an automated text field. These text fields will automatically populate with information relevant to your customer, further personalizing the message for them.

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