šŸ”“ Feedback Survey is unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan.

The default customer Feedback survey asks How was your experience? and allows customers to respond with a happy face or a sad face.

While this will apply to most situations, you will get the best results when you personalize the survey to your business.

In this article:

  • How to customize your Feedback survery
  • Customize your feedback survey options
  • Feedback survey examples
    - Selling online only
    - Selling in-store only
    - Selling both online and In-store

How to customize your Feedback survey

1. In your app admin, go to FeedbackĀ 

2. On the Feedback page, click Edit SettingsĀ 

Customize your feedback survey options

These options are displayed when a customer has selected positive or negative feedback, and gives them the opportunity to share more detailed reasoning for their selection.

1. In the Feedback settings, click on the Survey tabĀ 

2. Edit the Headers for different feedback situations

3. Customize your feedback options to be relevant to your survey question.
These are the possible reasons that the customer is offered when they leave positive or negative feedback.

4. Edit other options - the Comments placeholder is the default text that is displayed in the comment box

5. Preview your feedback survey

Feedback survey examples

It's important to ensure the feedback options you provide to customers are relevant to their shopping experience.
The channel that customers shop with your business through should indicate what options you give them.

Selling online-only

Identify the specific areas of your online shopping experience that customers love - or need improvement.Ā 

Examples of online survey options:

  • Store navigation
  • Product selection
  • Size options
  • Price
  • Checkout process
  • Online customer service

Selling in-store only

Gain insight to how customers feel when shopping in your store. From the store layout and products, to their interactions with staff members.

Examples of In-store survey options:

  • Wait time
  • Product quality
  • Store layout
  • Store tidiness
  • Customer service
  • Staff knowledge

Selling both online and in-store

When selling both online and in-store, you should only include survey options that are applicable to both shopping experiences.

  • Value
  • Customer serviceĀ 
  • Product selection
  • Product availability

If you'd like to include specific survey options, be sure to make it clear what shopping medium they refer to - for example:
'Ease of use (Online store)'

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