How to report an error

Please let our Technical Support team know by emailing us at or let us know via chat (bottom right corner of this page).

The more details we can gather, the better. Here are some things that will help our team in their investigation. Please include all that you can:

1. The name of the integration you use i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce, Vend, Kounta, Cin7

2. The name of the error you've received, along with a screenshot.

3. The URL of the page you've received the error on.

4. Detailed information of the steps you took to get to the error page and what you were trying to do.

5. Your browser and version number (found in the About tab in most browsers).

Our Technical Support team makes every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible. We'll keep you notified of progress and any updates to your query.

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