The main reason for finding multiple entries of a customer in your members list is due to customer error. Sometimes when a customer checks out with an order in your store, they may enter their details incorrectly - a misspelling of their name or email address. This will result in a new customer being created, even though at first glance they may look the same.

📝 Note: Duplicate members are also commonly created by incorrectly entered data in database imports. If you are manually adding customer information for an import, double check it is correct before importing!

What to do with duplicates

1. Identify the correct record of the member. This will usually have the most loyalty points / loyalty actions. However, it doesn't hurt to double check with the customer!

2. Manually add the points total from the duplicate account to the correct account - leave a note with these points for your reference
> How to manually adjust a member's loyalty points

3. Unsubscribe the duplicate account
> How to unsubscribe a member from your list

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