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In this article:

  • How to reward points for in-store purchases
  • How it works – Your customers' experience
  • How to check how many points the customer earned

⚠️ Important: Please ensure you have installed the Loyalty Program tile on every iPad you use to access the Shopify POS in-store. Learn more.

How to reward loyalty points for in-store purchases

For customers to earn loyalty points for their purchase, all your staff need to do is add the customer to the sale in Shopify POS.

1. Add the customer's products that they want to buy to the sale

2. Add the customer to the sale by searching for them by name or email address.

📝Note: If the customer is not part of your Loyalty program yet, tap the Add new customer button to create a new customer. Learn more.

3. Complete the sale. 

Your customer will automatically receive their loyalty points once the sale is completed in Shopify POS.

How it works – your customers' experience

The customer will automatically earn points for their order and if you have your Earned Points Email turned on, they will automatically be notified by email. This email will let them know how many loyalty points they have earned, their new loyalty points balance, and how many points they are away from their next reward.

Check how many points the customer earned

Every time a customer makes a purchase, the order is automatically synced to the customer's profile in Marsello. If you have the Making a Purchase earn points option enabled, customers, will also earn points for their purchase.

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Customers

2. Search for the customer by name or email address

3. Click the customer's name to open their profile

4. Under the customer's profile, under Orders, look for the customer's order ID

Under the order details, you can see information on each order, including:

  • Order ID: This is the unique ID that Shopify uses to identify the customer's order, this is also hyperlinked to the order in your Shopify Back Office.
  • Grand Total: The total amount of the order
  • Points Awarded: The number of points the customer earned for their order
  • Points Calculation: This is a breakdown of how Marsello calculated the number of points that the customer earned for their order. Marsello uses your Order Rewarding Settings to determine if the customer should earn points for their order and how many points they should receive. Learn more.

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