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The following are step-by-step instructions on how to reward the customer points for their purchase with your Shopify POS.

In this article:

  • How to reward points for in-store purchases
  • How it works – your customers' experience
  • Tips for success

How to reward loyalty points for in-store purchases

All you need to do is add the customer to the sale and points will be rewarded automatically.

1. Add the customer's products that they want to purchase to the sale.

2. Add the customer to the sale by searching for them by name or email address.

📝Note: If the customer is not part of your Loyalty program yet, tap the Plus (+) icon to create a new customer. Learn more.

3. Complete the sale. 

The customer will then automatically receive points for their purchase.

How it works – your customers' experience

At POS, the staff member will ask for the customer's name or email address to add them to the sale, along with the items they'd like to purchase.

After the sale is completed, the customer will automatically earn points for their purchase.

They will receive the Earned Points email (if enabled) notifying them how many points they earned for their purchase, their new total points balance and also how far away they are from unlocking their next reward. 

They can also click through to their loyalty profile to see the rewards options and additional ways to earn points.

Tips for success

  • At POS, make the experience of earning loyalty points exciting for your customers. This will encourage them to be more engaged with your loyalty program and get them excited to unlock their next reward. 
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