When a member completes a purchase on your online store, the sale will be recorded against their loyalty account. 

By default, your members only earn loyalty points for purchases when their payment status is Completed.

In this article:

  • Choosing your order rewarding settings
  • How it works - Your customers' experience

Choosing your order rewarding settings

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings > Order Rewarding

2. Under Reward points when payment status is one of: click the text box to open the drop-down options 

3. From the drop down, click your preferred Payment Status options

📝Note: You can choose more than one payment status to reward points at. Your members will only be rewarded loyalty points for their purchase once.

4. Click Save to confirm your settings

📝  Note: You must have Account Creation Enabled in your BigCommerce settings for members to earn points. 

How it works - Your customers' experience

When a customer has completed a purchase, they will automatically be rewarded their loyalty points based on your settings. 

📝Note: In the Orders section of your BigCommerce admin, you can see the payment status of an order.

If you have Points Earned Email Notifications turned on, they will automatically receive an email notifying them of their updated points balance and how far away they are from their next reward.

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