🔓 Blacklisting customers is unlocked on the Marsello Pro Plan.

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  • How to create a customer group in BigCommerce
  • How to exclude customers from your loyalty program

📝 Note: Blacklisting customers only exclude them from earning loyalty points. Blacklisted customers may still receive your automated marketing emails and will still count toward your active customer list.

How to create a customer group in BigCommerce

1. In your BigCommerce admin, go to Customers > Customer Groups

2. On the Customer Groups page, click Create a Customer Group

3. Enter a title for your customer group in the Group Name field under Group Details, e.g. Loyalty Blacklist - Staff

4. Configure the Group Access settings

 > Learn more about configuring group access settings in BigCommerce

5. To begin adding customers to your group, click on Customers > View in the BigCommerce admin menu

6. You will be able to add customers individually to the blacklist group by selecting it from the Group drop-down menu. Selections will automatically save

Your selected customers will now be grouped in your "Loyalty Blacklist" group  

> Learn more about customer groups in BigCommerce

How to exclude customers from your loyalty program

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings

2.  Under Order Rewarding, go to Exclude customers that belong to one of these customer groups: 

3. In the text box, enter the Customer group that you created in BigCommerce

4. Click Save at the bottom right of the page

Now the customers that you have added to the blacklist group in BigCommerce will be excluded from your loyalty program. They will not be able to earn points when they make a purchase.

If you want to add them back into your loyalty program in the future, just remove them from the blacklisted group in BigCommerce.

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