📝Note: Blacklisted products will also be excluded from the product recommendations in email flows.

In this article:

  • Step 1. Create a tag in Shopify
  • Step 2. Exclude products from your loyalty program

Step 1. Create a tag in Shopify

1. In your Shopify Admin, go to Products

2. Under All Products, select the product/s you would like to exclude

3. Click Bulk Actions

4. In the Bulk Actions drop-down, click Add Tags 

5. Enter a title for your tag e.g. Loyalty Blacklist

Your new tag will now be a listed tag in Shopify. 

5. Click Apply Changes

Your selected products will now be tagged with your "Loyalty Blacklist" tag.  

> Learn more about Shopify tags

Step 2. Exclude products from your loyalty program

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings

2.  Under Order Rewarding, go to Do not reward points on products that are tagged with one of: 

3. Enter your tag name into the text box

4. Click Save

Now the product/s that you have tagged in Shopify will be excluded from your loyalty program. Your members will not be able to earn points for purchasing that product.

If you want to add them back into your loyalty program in the future, simply remove the product tag from the product in Shopify. 

Want to exclude a whole product collection, not a specific product? See instructions on blacklisting entire product collections.

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