Running a sale can be a great way to introduce new products, move idle stock, and increase seasonal and holiday sales. While preparing for your sale, it's important to have a plan for your loyalty program in place too.

During a sale, your loyalty program can help you capture new customers' details and encourage them to return to your store. Your loyalty program can also run along side your sale as an added incentive, or give you more control on the conditions of your sale.

Here's a couple loyalty program strategies to consider: 

Double points promotion 

Run a short term promotion using your loyalty program along side your planned sale. A double points promotion helps your customers earn points faster to unlock your rewards and gives them another reason to shop with you, over the competition.

All you'd need to do is update your Making a Purchase earning points option:

> Learn more about running a double points promotion

Exclude points on discounted orders

Already feel like your giving away enough? Consider excluding your already discounted products from earning points this weekend. There are three options that you can choose from: 

Top tips for your loyalty program during your sale:

Your loyalty program is designed to help your store capture new customers' details and encourage them to purchase again. Here's two key things to do over this period:

  • Turn on your loyalty emails to keep your customers updated with points notifications, reward emails, and more. We'd recommend enabling your Points Collected Email. This email will let them know how many points they have just earned, their current points balance, and how close they are to the next reward, encouraging them to shop again. Choose which emails to send to your customers in the Email Notifications tab of Loyalty section.
  • Set up abandoned cart emails to make sure that potential sales don't slip through the cracks this sale period. Abandoned cart recovery emails are a great way to encourage your lost customers back to your store to complete the order. Studies have shown “67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes the sale” [Shopify]. Marsello's Abandoned Cart Email Flow helps you automate the process to recover these lost sales. Choose when to send emails, pull in your product images from their abandoned cart and customize emails to your branding. 

What happens after the sale period?

Connect your store to your email marketing tool to be send your customers emails, keeping them up-to-date with new products and collections, upcoming sales, blogs and more.

Here's two follow-up email campaigns to send after your sale:

  • Ask your customers to review your products on your online store: This encourages your customers to engage with you, and helps build new customers' trust and boost your sales. You can reward points for leaving product reviews in your Earning Points tab of your Loyalty admin. 
  • Explain how your loyalty program works: Let your new customers know what it means to be a part of your loyalty program, how they can earn points and tell them about the rewards that they can redeem ✨
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