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  • Ideas to include on your loyalty program flyer
  • Loyalty program flyer examples 

Ideas to include on your loyalty program flyer

Header text ideas:

  • Earn Rewards
  • Join our loyalty program

Body text ideas: 

  • Join our loyalty program for exclusive rewards and exciting bonuses. Ask at the counter or sign-up online.
  • Earn points for every purchase to unlock exciting rewards. Ask our staff about the program or sign-up online. 
  • Your website URL
  • Facebook or Instagram handle 
  • Store details such as your address and phone number

Examples of flyers

Helpful Tool: 

  • We've created the examples above with Canva, a drag-and-drop flyer maker. It's easy to create a flyer, poster, banner or image to promote your loyalty program.  

Pro Tips:

  • Link your flyer with your Loyalty Program Explainer Page URL so your customers can easily sign-up and see more info about your loyalty program.
  • Slip flyers into your bags so customers can take them home with their purchase. 
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