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  • How to create VIP loyalty tiers
  • Create tier-exclusive loyalty rewards
  • Loyalty Tier Email Settings - Optional
  • How it works - your customers' experience

How to create VIP loyalty tiers

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty >  VIP Program

2. At the top of the VIP Program page, click Add a Tier

As a default, there are two loyalty program tiers

  • Tier 1 - Member: Customers enter this tier automatically when they join
  • Tier 2 - VIP: Has a points entry value of 500

📝Note: You can create up to three VIP tiers, and customize the point requirements and earning rates to be appropriate for your store

3. To customize a loyalty tier, click Edit

4. Update the Loyalty Tier information

  • Tier Name
    The name that is visible to your customers on your loyalty widget and email notifications
  • Points Required To Enter Tier
    The amount of loyalty points earned in the last year in order to enter this loyalty tier
  • Loyalty Point Earning Rate
    How many points customers will earn per $ spent in your store

5. Click Save 

💡 Pro Tip: Make sure your VIP club is something your loyalty members aspire to! Create an explainer page which outlines the features of the higher loyalty tiers, the benefits of being part of it and the requirements to move up tiers.
> Learn how to make explainer pages

Create tier-exclusive loyalty rewards

Reward your top customers with tier-exclusive rewards not available to general customers.

1. Select the loyalty tier and click Add Reward 

2. Choose the options to create your exclusive loyalty reward

Think outside the box for your VIP tier rewards - these are offered to your most loyal, regular customers. Make sure these are rewards that make your VIP customers feel valued and exclusive ✨

> Learn more about creating Marsello loyalty rewards

Loyalty Tier Email Settings - Optional

When a member earns enough points to enter the higher loyalty tier, you can automatically notify them by email.

Check the tick box next to Send Notification Email to turn on emails. 

This email lets them know what tier they have just entered and how many points they will now earn on orders.

You can customize the loyalty tier emails to suit your store by clicking Preview and edit email.

How it works - your customers' experience

When a member has earned enough points to enter the higher loyalty tier they will automatically be notified by email (if enabled).

The next purchase that the member makes in-store or online, they will earn their new # of points per $ spent

Their higher tier status will be displayed when they log in to the loyalty widget

When processing sales on POS, you will be able to see the tier your customer belongs to and remind them of the additional points available to them.

📝  Note: Once a member reaches a higher Loyalty Tier they will remain there permanently. This is because the Loyalty Tiers are calculated from total points collected, and not the member's current balance. 

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