Creating a VIP Program can help strengthen your store's customer loyalty. Incentivise your best customers to keep coming back with faster ways to earn points to unlock rewards.  

In this article:

  • How to create a VIP Program
  • Turn on the VIP tier entry email (optional)
  • How to turn on your VIP Program
  • How it works – Your customers' experience

How to create VIP Program

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Loyalty, click VIP Program

2. Next to Member, click Add a Tier

📝 Note: You can create up to three VIP tiers, and customize each tiers' entry requirements and earning point rates. 

Add the details of your VIP Tier

3. Give your VIP Tier a title 

💡Quick tip: This is a great opportunity to create tier names that are an extension of your store's brand as this title is visible to customers on your loyalty widget and email notifications.

4. Enter how many points the customer must earn to enter the VIP tier

5. Choose how many points customers earn for making a purchase on this VIP tier

6. Click Save

Your VIP tier will be added to your VIP Program.

Turn on the VIP tier entry email (optional)

When the customer earns enough points to enter a higher loyalty tier, you can automatically notify them by email.

1. Click on the loyalty tier tab

2. Select the tick box Send customer an email notification when they enter the tier

This will turn on the VIP Tier entry notification ready to send to customers as they enter your VIP tier. 

📝 Note: You can customize the content and design of each tier entry email by clicking Preview and edit email or on the Loyalty > Email Notifications page.  

Turn on your VIP Program 

When you are finished customizing your VIP tiers, simply turn on your VIP Program to start displaying it to your customers. 

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Loyalty, click VIP Program

2. Click the ON/OFF toggle to turn on your VIP Program 

The toggle will then switch to ON and your VIP Program will now be visible to your customers on the loyalty widget. 

How it works – your customers' experience

When the customer has earned enough points to enter a higher loyalty tier they will automatically be notified by email (if enabled).

The next time they make a purchase in-store or online, they will earn points using the VIP tier's earning points rules e.g. 2 points for every $1 spent.  

The customer's VIP status will be displayed on your loyalty widget earn tab. Here they can identify how many points they've ever earned and how many points they can earn with each purchase. 

At POS, on the customer's profile, the staff member will be able to identify what VIP tier the customer is in allowing them to personalize the customer's in-store experience.

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