Your customer birthday earn option helps you surprise and reward your customers on their special day and encourages them to come back and spend.

In this article:

  • How to set your 'Member Birthday' points reward
  • How it works - your customers' experience
  • Track the performance of the Member Birthday option

How to set your 'Member Birthday' points reward

1. In your Marsello admin, under Loyalty, go to Earning Points & Referrals.

2. Scroll to Member Birthday 

📝  Note: Make sure that Member birthday is toggled to ON to be able to edit this.

3. Click Edit

4. Under Member birthday, enter the number of loyalty points you would like to reward your members on their special day

5. Under Minimum Member Enrolment Period (Months), enter how many months members need to be enrolled in your loyalty program before they are eligible for a birthday reward

6. Click Save

How it works - your customers' experience

When a member logs in to their account and visits the Earn tab of your loyalty widget, they will see your On Your Birthday points reward. 

Here, they can enter their birthday date. 

Then on the member's birthday, they will automatically be sent points to make them feel special and to encourage them to make another purchase.

📝 Note: A customer needs to have an account for 1 month before they are eligible to earn birthday points. This is a fraud prevention measure so that customers don't just create accounts and claim birthday points immediately. 

If you have your Earned Points Email notification switched on, they will also receive an email letting them know that they’ve earned points.

> Update your loyalty program email notifications

Track the performance of the Member Birthday option

Once you've set-up how many points your members earn on their birthday, you can track the progress. Here's how:

1. In your Earning Points tab > Member birthday

2. Click See Activity 

This will open the insight page. Here you can see:

  • Loyalty members who's had a birthday
  • The amount of points they've earned
  • The date they received their points
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