Enabling your customers to earn points for creating an account is a great way to collect your customers details and engage them in your loyalty program at the same time.

In this article:

  • How to set points for your 'Create an account' reward
  • How it works – your customers' experience
  • Track the performance of the create an account option

Common questions this article will help answer:

• How do my customers create an account?
• How can my customers earn points for creating an account?
• How can I edit the amount of points my customers earn for creating an account?

How to set your 'Create an account' points reward

1. In your Marsello admin, under Loyalty, go to Earning Points & Referrals.

2. Next to Create an account 

3. Click Edit

📝  Note: Make sure that 'create an account' is toggled to on to be able to edit this.

4. Under How many points should be given, enter the number of loyalty points you would like to reward your members for creating a loyalty account 

5. Select the tick box if you wish to reward points to new customers who are added as guests

📝 Note: Customers can only be added as guests on Shopify POS

6. Click Save

How it works – your customers' experience

A customer can join your loyalty program by making a purchase or by signing up through your loyalty widget. When they join they will automatically receive their 'Create an account' reward points.  

If a customer already has a customer account with your store, they simply won't see the option to 'create an account' in the Earn section of your loyalty widget.

💡 Pro Tip: Give your new customers enough points for creating an account so they are close to unlocking their first reward. This will encourage them to spend again.

Track the performance of the Create an account option

Once you've set up how many points your customers earn for creating a loyalty program account, you can track the progress. Here's how:

  1. In your Earning Points tab > Create an account, click See Activity 

This will open the insight page. Here you can see:

  • Customers who completed this action
  • The amount of points they've earned
  • The date they completed the action

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