✨   Pick the ways your members can earn points

Reward members for up to 13 actions. Encourage them to follow or share your store on social media, refer their friends to your store, leave a product review, and more. Get familiar with our different ways to reward so your customers always have a reason to come back.

 🛍  Create rewards to encourage members to shop again

Get creative and design a reward ladder that inspires members to keep earning points. Think about the types of rewards that will appeal to your members and that will work best for your store.
Here are some types of rewards you can create:

✨ $ off storewide
✨ % off storewide
✨ Free shipping
✨ Free product
✨ % off specific product
✨ $ off specific product
✨ % off product collection
✨ $ off product collection
✨ % off spend threshold orders
✨ $ off spend threshold orders

See more detail on these 10 reward options and how to create them.
💡 Pro Tip: Loyalty programs with 3-5 rewards have better results than 1 reward programs, i.e. their members are more engaged with their loyalty programs, their reward redemption statistics are higher, and their member spend is greater.

🔧 Tweak your loyalty program settings

Go behind the scenes of your loyalty program and check your store's loyalty program preferences. 

  • Store Details - Update your store name and your loyalty 'points' label.   
  • Email Notifications - Update your sender name and email address so your members recognize your store's loyalty emails. 
  • Order Rewarding - Choose when members earn loyalty points based on payment status and if they earn loyalty points for shipping and tax. 

We suggest following these loyalty program settings best practices

📬  Set your email notifications

Choose and customize your loyalty program emails to notify your members when they have earned points and rewards, entered a new tier, and more. You can choose your email notifications right within the app.

 🕵 Fun fact: Loyalty program members spend on average 75% more per purchase when they receive loyalty emails.

⚙  Check your Integration settings

Get your loyalty program working perfectly with your eCommerce store. Make sure when customers checkout, that they are added to your program. We suggest following these BigCommerce settings best practices to get the most out of your loyalty program. 

🎨 Customize your loyalty program to show off your store's branding

Choose your level of customization, add your store’s color theme or get a little more creative and customize your layout and background. Pick the level of customization that best displays your loyalty program.

🚴  Take your loyalty program for a spin     

See how your loyalty program works online. Then try it yourself.

Have a go:

  1. Add yourself as a new member - Make a purchase or join through your widget
  2. Make a purchase as a member to automatically earn loyalty points
  3. Redeem a reward and make a purchase using your unique coupon code

Here are a step-by-step guide:

> Try out your program online with BigCommerce

What's Next?

> Promote your loyalty program to customers so they can start spending and earning rewards!

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