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  • Enable product reviews in BigCommerce 
  • How to set your 'product review' points reward
  • How it works - your customers' experience

Enable product reviews in BigCommerce

1. In your BigCommerce admin go to Advanced Settings and select Comments

2. Select Built-In and Save

3. Click on the Built-In tab that appears at the top of this page. 

4. Check the Product Review box and save

How to set your 'product review' points reward

1. In your Marsello admin, under Loyalty, go to Earning Points & Referrals.

2. Under Product Reviews, toggle ON and click Edit

3. Under Product Reviews, enter the number of loyalty points you would like to reward your members for giving you a review

4. Under What's the maximum number of reviews a member can be rewarded for

  • Enter the number of times a member can be rewarded for leaving a review within the timeframe you specify
  • Then choose a frequency from the drop-down
  • Add the minimum number of characters required in the review before the customer will be rewarded points.
    This is optional and defaulted to 0.

5. Click Save

📝 Note: In order to match the review to the member, they will need to enter their email address when leaving a review. This is also really handy for you, as it means if anyone is unhappy, you have their email address to go back to them and make it right. 

How it works - your customers' experience

When a member logs in to their account and visits the Earn tab of your loyalty widget, they will see your Review a product action. This is not a button, instead it tells them the amount of loyalty points they will earn for reviews, and the frequency that they can earn points.

Members can then leave reviews on products in your store with BigCommerce Product Reviews.

Then they will be rewarded loyalty points accordingly. If a member continues to leave additional reviews, they will only receive points the number of times you have specified in your settings.

If you have your Earned Points email notification turned on, the loyalty member will also receive an email notifying them about the points they earned for the review.
> How to update your Earned Points email notifications

Track the performance of the product reviews with BigCommerce

Once you've set-up how many points your members earns for leaving a product review using your BigCommerce Product Review App, you can track the progress. Here's how:

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Earning Points > Product Reviews

2. Click See Activity 

This will open the insight page. Here you can see:

  • Loyalty members who completed this action
  • The BigCommerce product ID of the reviewed product
  • Their review's star rating
  • Their review's heading
  • Their review's description 
  • The amount of points they've earned
  • The date they completed the action
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