Need to add a list of customers to your Shopify loyalty reward program? You can import new customers into your program via a CSV file

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  • Import a group of customers via a CSV file

How to format your customer CSV file

1. The first line of your CSV should include all of the headers included in the Shopify customer CSV template. CSV file headers are case sensitive—their capitalization must match the examples that appear in the template

CSV file headers include first name, last name, email address, company, address 1, address 2, city, province, province code, country, country code, zip, phone, accepts marketing, total spent, total orders, tags, note, and tax exempt

📝 Note: To guarantee customers receive automated email flows, ensure the
accepts marketing column on the CSV is marked yes.

2. In order to successfully run the import, your CSV file must be in UTF-8 format. To save in this format, use the Save As... or Export command, depending on the program you are using

How to import a group of customers via a CSV file

1. In your Shopify admin, click customers

2. Click import customers

3. In the Import customers by CSV popup window, click choose file and then the CSV file to be uploaded 

📝 Note: If you want to update any existing customers, then click Overwrite existing customers that have the same email

4. Click import customers

The customers whose records you've added to the CSV will appear on the Customers page in your Shopify admin.

💡 Pro Tip: Read through Shopify's importing and exporting customer lists guide to learn more exporting your customer database, including explanations about spread sheets and .CSV files.

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