Redeeming rewards at POS is easy and only takes a matter of seconds, so it won't disrupt your checkout process.

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How to redeem rewards at POS

When a member has earned enough points, they can spend them to redeem a reward in-store by telling the staff member at checkout.

💡Pro tip: It's a good idea to train your staff to ask the customer if they are part of your loyalty program and to check if they have any rewards.

To redeem a reward the staff member needs to:

1. Add the customer to the sale - Add by searching for them by name or email address 

2. Add products to the sale 

3. Tap the Shopify Tray Menu (represented by the 3-dots on the top right corner of the POS screen)

4. Under the Tray Menu, tap Show customer's rewards

5. In the member's profile, next to the $ or % off reward tap Redeem

📝 Note: If you have online advanced reward types, these will still show in POS. You will need to tell staff not to redeem these, unless you provide strict staff training to ensure the correct items are added to the sale and that any spend conditions are met. Read more about the rewards you can create and in-store redemption requirements.

The discount will automatically be added to the sale and the points cost will be removed from the members account right away. 

6. Continue as normal and complete the sale

💡Tip: If your customer changes their mind about the reward or would like to change the reward they've selected, you can re-visit the customer loyalty program and tap remove next to the currently selected coupon.


Does the points cost get taken away from their balance when they redeem a reward?
Yes, as soon as a reward is redeemed, the members' points balance is adjusted, removing the points cost, to prevent them redeeming rewards they are not entitled to. This protects your store. 

Can members redeem more than one reward at a time?
Even if a member has enough points to redeem multiple rewards, they can only use one reward discount code at checkout at a time. This is set by Shopify to prevent discount stacking

How do members redeem rewards online?
How members redeem rewards online.

Types of rewards you can create for POS

We recommend only using simple storewide discounts for in-store use:

✨ $ off storewide
✨ % off storewide

However, there are 10 types of rewards that you can create if you have strict staff training so that they are correctly redeemed in-store.

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