If you use Vend on an iPad, you will need to install the Marsello iOS app using Apple TestFlight.

The app allows you to view customers' points balances and available rewards from within the Vend sales screen, then redeem these easily.

In this article:

  • Installing the TestFlight app
  • Installing the Marsello Retail Extension app

Installing the TestFlight app

💡TestFlight is a tool used by app developers to test products not yet ready for the App Store. We are providing the Marsello app via TestFlight as it allows us to release updates and improvements more promptly than a published app.

1. From your iPad, open the App Store

2. In the App Store search bar, search TestFlight

3. Find the TestFlight app and install it to your iPad

Installing the Marsello Retail Extension app

Once you have TestFlight installed, you can add the Marsello Retail Extension app.

The below button will open the Marsello app install page in TestFlight:

Once Marsello is installed, you can access the loyalty features when processing sales in your Vend app.

What's next?

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