Sell more to our existing customers by offering them an exclusive discount to celebrate the holidays. Marsello has optimized the email flow for sales performance based on your data and what worked for stores like yours during the last holiday period.

In this article:

  • The default holiday email flow
  • Shopify setting optimization 
  • Further customization options

The default holiday email flow

To view default email flow:

1. In the app admin, go to Email Flows 

2. Click on the suggested holiday email flow. In this example, we will use the Halloween email flow called “Sell more on Halloween”

The default email flow for holiday emails:  

  • Customers enter the email flow on the date of the chosen holiday period
  • Customers will receive the pre-built emails with according to the time schedules and sometimes can include an optimized single-use discount code
  • Customers will exit the email flow if they make an order or if they receive all of the emails

Shopify setting optimization

To make sure that your emails are sending at the optimized times, please check the following in your Shopify settings:

Local timezone

  1. Under Settings  > General.
  2. Under Standards and formats, click the Timezone drop-down and select your local timezone. 
  3. Click Save.

Further customization options

  1. On the Email Flows page, click Edit next to the holiday flow

2. Click the ⨁ icon to insert an email or delay into your flow

3. Select Email or Delay to add it to your flow

📝Note: Make sure that you put a delay between emails in the flow or your customers will receive those emails at once.

Modify email flow blocks 

Here you can adjust the blocks and ordering of your email flow, monitor flow performance, and continue to make improvements to get the best results!

In addition to adding new emails and delays, you can:

  • Edit trigger settings
  • Adjust, clone or delete delays
  • Edit, clone or delete email templates

Trigger settings

  1. Click the settings icon to update the trigger settings

2. Set the date and time for the first holiday email to be scheduled

3. Click Save to confirm changes 

Delay Settings

A Delay is the period of time between when one email sends and the next email in the flow will send

  1. Click the pencil icon to update the Delay settings

2. Select your preferred time-period between emails

3.Click Save to confirm changes

Customize email content

To customize your email template, click the pencil icon.

> How to customize your email template

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