1. Ask us for an export of your loyalty database via the chat icon on this page

2. Under Lists, create a new list

On the next screen, you will be asked if you are creating a new list or a new group. Click the button to create list

3. Name your list Loyalty members, and fill out the list details, then click Save

4. The View contacts screen will appear. Click Import Subscribers

5. Choose to Import from a CSV, and click Next

6. Browse to your CSV file from step 1. Then click Next

7. Your imported contacts will now appear.

Match your Column names: First name, Last name, Email Address - clicking Save

8. Under your Points Balance column, click edit. Then click New column name

9. Call it Loyalty points, and click Save

10. Once all columns are matched, click Next

11. Click Import

12. Under Settings, select List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

13. In the fields default value column, enter the default values. Call your loyalty points merge tag POINTS, then click Save changes

Now when you are creating your email campaign, insert the tag *|POINTS|* to pull in your members points balance, e.g. 'You currently have *|POINTS|* points'

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