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  • How to set up your referral program
  • How it works – your customers' experience
  • Track the performance of your referral program

How to set up your referral program

  1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Earning Points.

2. Under Referring friends.

3. Click Edit.

4. Under the section, Get the new customer shopping with a referred bonus, create an incentive for the referred friend to make their first purchase. For example, 15% off.

  • Enter a title: Give your discount a title that lets the friend know what the discount is
  • Enter a discount amount: Make sure it matches the discount specified in the title
  • Select the discount type: Dollars off, Percentage Off or Free Shipping

5. Under the section, How many points should members get for a successful friend referral?, enter the number of points you would like to reward your customers when they've made a successful friend referral. 

📝  Note: A successful friend referral is when the referred friend makes their first purchase and becomes a new customer.

6. Click Save.

How it works – your customers' experience

Your customer – the referrer

When your customers log in to their store account and open the Earn tab of your loyalty widget, they will see your Refer a friend earn option. 

Here, the customer can click on this option to find their unique referral link. They can then copy and share this link on the channel that they use to chat with their friends to make spreading the word quick and easy. For example, Facebook Messenger, Email or Text etc. 

📝  Note: The customer will not receive referral points at this stage. Points are rewarded when their friend makes their first purchase. 

Their friend – the referred

The referred friend clicks through the shared unique referral link. They will then need to enter their name & email address. Their unique discount code will then be sent to their email inbox, ready for them to use on their first purchase. 

Important: Ensure that your Referral Coupon Email notification is turned on, so that the referred friend receives their unique discount code.

Track the performance of your referral program

Once you've set-up your referral program and turned it on, you can track its progress. Here's how:

1. In your Earning Points > Referring Friends

2. Click See Activity 

On the Referring Friends insights page, you can see:

  • Customers who completed this action
  • Who the customer successfully referred
  • Referred friend's redeemed discount title and code 
  • Total revenue from the referred friend's first order
  • The number of points the customer earned
  • The date the points were rewarded

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